WIMA Project Complete!

The 28th of August, 2011, marked an important day in the history of two websites: IMSLP and The Werner Icking Music Archive (WIMA).  After months of collaboration, it was officially decided that the immense collection of roughly 65000 PDF files and the collection of audio files from WIMA would be merged with the collection IMSLP.  From the start, we knew this would be a project of of Herculean proportions; but, after almost a year, the project is finally complete!

I would like to thank Christian Mondrup and all other WIMA contributors for their hard work – it really paid off. Before the project, IMSLP had just over 100,000 files.  Now we have more than 210,000.  In addition, the WIMA transfer improved IMSLP in ways that we could have never foreseen. As Carolus, a member of the IMSLP staff, pointed out, “The WIMA transfer has also resulted in improvements in the way IMSLP handles things – notably in the area of collections, whether of a single-composer or multiple composers”.  This couldn’t be more true.  The WIMA merge also improved IMSLP’s representation of early music, which before the transfer was probably our least prolifically represented time period.

I think I can speak for us all when I say that this project was far more work than any of us had anticipated.  As a result of the largely different ways WIMA and IMSLP organized their music, conflicts arose almost every day.  Sometimes there were over one thousand files to review in a given day, and each one of these had to be processed.  I think nobody described the inundation of files better than Carolus, when he called it “The Great WIMA Tsunami”.

But now that it is all over, I realize that the hard work was worth it.  Thanks again to the WIMA staff, it really did pay off.

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  1. It really is an inspirational collection. Thanks, all the hard work will bring joy to many. I’m off to play along with my fav Beethoven symphonies now with my freshly downloaded copies! Sorry to my neighbors. :))!!

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