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Open Goldberg Variations Project

Since December 2010, IMSLP has been working together with the Open Goldberg Variations project to help produce a new score and recording of Bach’s iconic masterpiece. We are happy to announce that both parts of the project have completed, and are now available on IMSLP.

The Open Goldberg Variations recording was made by pianist Kimiko Ishizaka in the Teldex Studio, Berlin, in January 2012, on a Bösendorfer 290 Imperial. Anne-Marie Sylvestre is the producer. The score was made and edited by Werner Schweer using the MuseScore notation program. Two rounds of public peer review contributed to the high quality of the score.

The works are listed on IMSLP as being governed by the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, but in fact, have been released into the public domain by the team who created them. It was the intention of the Open Goldberg team to use the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) tool for the licensing, but this option is not yet available on IMSLP.

Open Goldberg Variations available for public review

Open Goldberg Variations

As part of the Open Goldberg Variations Project, MuseScore has created a new edition of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The score was created with the open source MuseScore notation software, and is intended to be distributed electronically, for free, with no usage restrictions.

The public review period, which will last for at least three months, is intended to help the MuseScore team identify any problems with the score, and to give music enthusiasts and scholars around the world the chance to validate the score before it reaches its final form.

MuseScore has provided special web based tools for reviewing sheet music. Reviewers have the tools to:

  • View the score and listen to it, right in the browser
  • Annotate the score, providing for accurate commentary and corrections
  • Hold online discussions, enabling collaboration between reviewers, scholars, and the MuseScore team
  • Download the Goldberg Variations as MuseScore, MusicXML, MIDI, mp3, or PDF
  • Edit the Goldberg Variations directly in the MuseScore program

The MuseScore website also facilitates the making of video scores. A video score is a score that is linked with a YouTube video. The playback of the video and the score are synchronized. Here is a video score of Kimiko Ishizaka playing one of the Goldberg Variations.

MuseScore is a partner in the Open Goldberg Variations Project, a crowd-funded effort to place a definitive score and recording of the work into the public domain in such a way as to make it easily available, without usage restrictions, for everybody, forever. Award winning pianist Kimiko Ishizka will produce the studio recording of the work later this year. Funding continues on Kickstarter until June 3, 2011.

Open Goldberg Variations – Setting Bach Free

IMSLP is pleased to announce their partnership with the Open Goldberg Variations project and MuseScore.com. We’re teaming up to create a new score and a new recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, both of which will be released into the public domain for everyone to use. Fund raising for the effort is going on right now on Kickstarter.com. Check out the video below.

Upon completion of the project, these works will be available on the IMSLP website for everybody to enjoy without any limitations on usage. The Creative Commons Zero licensing tool will guarantee that every use of the works is protected.

The score will be made using MuseScore, the leading open source notation software. The score will undergo scholarly review and will retain all the benefits of being distributed in its digital source format. For example, musicians will be able to add fingerings and other markings directly into the MuseScore file.

Musical scores and recordings, when made readily available, can have a profoud benefit in musical education, in the performance of the music, and the listening enjoyment of fans. Music libraries have long played the role of providing these valuable assets, but as the Internet has grown to be the dominant communications medium, the value of a paper score and a vinyl recording have been dwarfed in the face of their digital counterparts.

By creating a new score and recording of Bach’s work, and releasing them into the public domain, IMSLP and the Open Goldberg Variations Project hope to bring Bach’s music to a wider audience than ever before. You can play a role, too, by donating directly to the project on Kickstarter.com, where fund raising is taking place. A range of donor rewards are available such as CDs and printed editions of the score. You can also dedicate one of the 30 Variations to yourself or someone you love, and the dedication will appear in all digital and printed versions of the works.

Thank you for your support of this exciting project. We look forward to its completion when we’ll be able to share a new score and recording of the Goldbergs with you.