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Mozart & Mice at Spitalfields

Puffinpoint.com‘s stall at Old Spitalfields Market now carries IMSLP stock, so if you live or work in London, or are visiting, come along and buy your IMSLP merchandise direct. IMSLP receives a donation from each item sold so you’d be helping support the project.

Photos below taken at Spitalfields yesterday. There was even a pianist playing, believed to be Leif Ove Andsnes. Suddenly a large mouse appeared, hung about watching for a while, then sat in the audience.

The audience, being English, ignored the mouse.




A T-shirt has been added to the IMSLP range. Pure cotton, available in blue and white and a variety of sizes, it sports a big stylised logo from the Odhecaton (the earliest-ever printed polyphonic music, published by Petrucci in 1501). I’m wearing one now!

IMSLP T-Shirt and Mug
£2 from each sale goes to help fund our server and other costs. The manufacturer, Puffin Point Store, ships worldwide and accepts all major credit/debit cards plus PayPal.