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Congratulations IMSLP-EU!


IMSLP.eu ~ Postcard Set: Europa by Juliane Kiefner

From the IMSLP Forums:

One year ago, on July 10, 2010, operations of the IMSLP-EU server were officially announced on these forums. Here are some actuals about the use of the IMSLP-EU server during its first year of operations:

  • Total uptime: 99.97%
  • Number of files downloaded: more than 1,700,000
  • Total data transferred: more than 3.3 TB
  • Number of files present on the server: about 1,800
  • Average number of downloads per file: about 950
  • Largest number of downloads for a single file: more than 38,000 (the full score of “Pini di Roma” by Ottorino Respighi)

To celebrate IMSLP-EU’s first anniversary, Puffin Point ([url]https://puffinpoint.com/[/url]) has introduced two new IMSLP-EU specific merchandise items:

– the IMSLP-EU t-shirt, available in two colours (white and black) at £ 9.99 (for each item purchased, £ 2.00 will fund IMSLP-EU). The t-shirt shows the IMSLP-EU “starry clef” logo designed by Juliane Kiefner;

– the IMSLP-EU postcard set, available at £ 4.99 and including five postacrds in each (for each item purchased, £ 1.00 will fund IMSLP-EU). The postcards show Princess Europa (see here and here) playing flute over the white bull that was a transformation of Zeus. Postcards are also designed by Juliane Kiefner.

All IMSLP users are welcome to order such items to Puffin Point to celebrate the IMSLP-EU anniversary and support the project.

Furthermore, IMSLP-EU wants to tangibly thank those IMSLP users who contributed with a generous donation to IMSLP-EU during its start-up year. Such donors are entitled to obtain from Puffin Point a free IMSLP-EU anniversary item, offered by IMSLP-EU, as follows:

– IMSLP-EU donors who donated an amount of 15 Euro or more are entitled to receive either a IMSLP-EU t-shirt or two IMSLP-EU postcard sets;

– IMSLP-EU donors who donated an amount between 10 and 15 Euro are entitled to receive one IMSLP-EU postcard set.

Shipping costs up to 499 grams are also covered by IMSLP-EU, so donors may take the opportunity to add their own order for further Puffin Point items, especially those supporting IMSLP and IMSLP-EU, within the same shipment paid by IMSLP-EU.

Donors will be soon contacted via email to the same address that they used for the donation to IMSLP-EU, and they will receive instructions about the way to claim their IMSLP-EU gift. Donors who have changed their email address in the meantime should contact info@imslp.eu to obtain such instructions.

A warm “thank you” also to all other donors that are not eligible for a gift. We would like that there is a gift for everyone who donated even just one Euro, but the IMSLP-EU budget cannot afford it. We anyway acknowledge that their contribution has been crucial to support IMSLP-EU in its first year of operations. Many thanks also to all the IMSLP users and the IMSLP staff for their support.


IMSLP-EU ~ Report


IMSLP-EU is an autonomous initiative undertaken in Europe to allow European users to access scores that are public domain in Europe but not in the U.S. or Canada. This is possible because IMSLP-EU servers are physically located in Europe (currently, in The Netherlands), so scores that are in the public domain in such territory can be freely used by anybody. This would be beneficial for all users located in Europe and in other countries where similar copyright regulations apply.

IMSLP-EU is not affiliated with IMSLP, being a completely independent and autonomous initiative. Complete separation between IMSLP and IMSLP-EU is intended to avoid confusion between the respective roles, areas of competence, and applicable regulations: IMSLP follows U.S. and Canada regulations only, while IMSLP-EU follows EU regulations only (with reference to their specific application in The Netherlands).

The IMSLP-EU score catalogue is integrated within the Petrucci Music Library: there is no difference when searching IMSLP-EU scores with respect to IMSLP scores, as both sets are indexed in the catalogue of the library.

However, when a score at IMSLP-EU is going to be downloaded by a user, a special page is presented so as to inform and warn the user that he/she is leaving the IMSLP context and entering the IMSLP-EU context, where different regulations apply. The same special page provides a PayPal link for donations to IMSLP-EU: being completely autonomous with respect to IMSLP, IMSLP-EU needs independent funds to cover its operational expenses.

The start of operations of IMSLP-EU was announced on July 10, 2010. Here are some figures after 6 months:

  • Total uptime: 99.94%
  • Number of files downloaded: more than 820,000
  • Number of files present on the server: about 1,300
  • Average number of downloads per file: about 630
  • Largest number of downloads for a single file: more than 31,000 (the full score of “Pini di Roma” by Ottorino Respighi).