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Projects Milhaud and Dupré

A message from Daphnis on the forums:

I’d like to briefly announce to everyone the availability of a couple new collections now hosted on the US server.

First, as of today, I’ve now finished adding all the US public domain works by Darius Milhaud (1892?1974). This project encompasses some 39 compositions, 72 scores, and 1,733 pages and roughly represents the opus numbers through 75 (with those higher numbers not having been renewed, expired, faulty, etc.). Of this nice (but small) chunk of Milhaud’s œuvre we have his famous surrealist ballet, Le bœuf sur le toit from 1920 (although unfortunately not the full score, which is still protected), several of his early piano works including the two sets from Printemps(1915?20), the first piano sonata (1916), 8 of his 18 string quartets (score and full set of parts), 5 chamber symphonies, and two violin sonatas. Although he won’t be public domain in the rest of the world for several years to come, the recent establishment of our own US server makes hosting these works possible. Milhaud, a member of (in)famous group Les six, was a pivotal figure in twentieth century France. Often remembered for his Brazilian influences, use of jazz and polytonality, he was an incredibly prolific composer with opera well into the 400s. So if you’re unfamiliar with his work, now is a good time to fix that with the availability of this modest collection. Go grab a recording with one of our scores here and start enjoying this music.

Second, the complete US-PD works by French organist Marcel Dupré (1886?1971) have also been added (14 compositions, 21 scores, and 525 pages). Many of these works are quite rare and long out of print, several never having been recorded. Dupré, a famous performer and pedagogue, studied with three of the biggest names in the organ during his student days: Alexandre Guilmant, Louis Vierne, and Charles-Marie Widor (all 3 of whom have large collections at IMSLP). Although well-known to other organists, Dupré wrote primarily for his instrument but also contributed works for piano, chamber, and orchestra with choir, some of which have been made available in this collection.

I’d like to personally thank and recognize Jonathan DePeri for his administration of the US server and for providing helpful advice and support in creating the necessary code generation for integration with the IMSLP wiki. Without this server and Jonathan’s time, IMSLP would be a much more barren place for musicians.

Happy listening, studying, and playing!