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  1. I have only just discovered this fabulous access to the music we play. Shortly I will be playing Tintagel by Bax. I found, sadly, that I can't have a look at the part I'll be performing. I went on to discover that Arnold, Walton and Tippett [ I stopped here ] aren't even on the composers'  list. Is there a good reason for these being kept hidden?

  2. Having never heard of Arnold, I can't say off hand why there is a good reason he's not on IMSLP. However, with respect to Walton and Tippett, there is an excellent reason. There is actually a handy article on the journal called "What is IMSLP", and it breifly talks abou copyright. Basically, the reason Walton (died in 1983) and Tippett (died in 1984) are not on IMSLP is because they are not in the Public domain anywhere in the world (except maybe the Sudan). Since the servers of IMSLP are located in Canada, we must abide by their copyright laws (death of last surviving author/composer + 50 years). We also tag for the US (before 1923, or life +95 years) and the EU (life + 70 years).

    1. Sir Malcolm Arnold is certainly a composer to listen to if you haven’t already. However, he’s low on the list…

  3. I believe Paddy is referring to Sir Malcolm Arnold, who died only in 2006.  His works are under copyright worldwide and will appear on IMSLP in around 47 years (once Canadian copyright expires, in 2057).

  4. While Afghanistan has not signed onto any of the International Copyright Conventions the hosting of material cannot be circumvented – IMSLP servers are in Canada, not Afghanistan.
    Malcolm Arnold, furthermore, was a British composer, and his works fall under the authority of BMI. Anyone purchasing his music – even from a foreign nation like Afghanistan – for the purpose of posting to the Internet – is violating the law and would be open to prosecution under the law. I'm not saying the British would extradite someone from Afghanistan – that's highly unlikely – but, it is illegal, immoral, and highly unethical. Copyright protects living composers; please respect it.
    For as long as the music is performed, the composer lives.

  5. I don't think BKhon was suggesting that we should upload Arnold's works to IMSLP – of course that would be illegal.  However, if the IMSLP servers were in Afghanistan, there would be no legal issue with posting them, since the laws of other countries do not apply there.  (Although as we learned in 2007, publishers would probably try to have the site taken down, even if they had no legal basis to…)

  6. Of course I was just kidding. The works can not be uploaded to IMSLP. Unless we magically moved our servers to the Sudan! 😀 

    Anyway, carry on…

  7. A question: In Handel’s HWV 432, the first Passacalia shows a preceding movement different from that of the complete score, suggesting it appeared in another suite. Can anyone clear this up for me?

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