iPhones & CPDL to the rescue!

Stolen shamelessly* from the Choral Public Domain Library forums:

iPhone wedding choir

Ensemble Gombert was the choir at a recent, lavish, nuptial mass at Xavier College Chapel, in Melbourne, Australia, a frequently-used venue for concerts (including Gombert’s annual subscription series). In the words of Peter Campbell of the Gombert tenor line:

“Fourteen iPhones and an Android device saved the day at a wedding in Melbourne today when the choir opened their orders of service to find that they were supposed to sing a particular piece, but did not have that music with them. The phones came to the rescue as the singers logged on to the Choral Public Domain Library and sang the work straight from the on-line PDF score. Sure it would have been easier with iPads, but the phones did the job, and no-one in the church was any the wiser!”

The piece was Tallis’ O nata lux, which although short is tricky enough for singers not to want to rely purely on memory.

Gombert alto, Niki Ebacioni, put it this way: “It was pretty hilarious hiding our phones behind our folders. We took a photo later as evidence; 14 of us us squinting at them. An utter triumph of technology!”

* With kind permission