iPad app for IMSLP: volunteers sought

An iPad app is in development for IMSLP.

The app will list all composers and their compositions. Tapping on a score name will transfer that score to the iPad, and let you scroll through the pages of that score. Once the score is transferred to your iPad, you have it forever, so you then can take it to practice rooms, the stage, wherever you need it!

It’s nearing the time to start testing and localising it for other languages. Soon we’ll need:

  • testers to put it through its paces. A tester needs to be someone committed to testing the app in a variety of circumstances and sending in reports of any anomalies found.
  • Musicians fluent in Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, or any other language. There is not a lot of text to translate (perhaps one page’s worth of phrases).

People who accept the challenge will receive a free copy of the app once it’s out, and their names (and web sites, if any) in the credits to the app!

A generous portion of the proceeds of the app will go straight to the IMSLP project.

To get involved as a beta tester visit this page on the Wiki. To discuss it on the forums, go here.

IMSLP iPad app

Padrucci ~ the IMSLP iPad app: make music with free public domain scores without chopping down trees!

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