IMSLP Orchestra

Alonso del Arte has started the IMSLP Orchestra! From the IMSLP Forums:

I would like to start the IMSLP Orchestra, and to have them make the world-premiere recording of the Symphony in C major by Franz Asplmayr. It would be like the YouTube Orchestra, except the players would not necessarily have to meet, and some players could play multiple instruments (e.g., a bassoonist could play both bassoon parts). These would all be synchronized by a mechanical playing of my figured bass realization; each player would listen to the continuo through headphones, which would hopefully not bleed into the recording of their playing. Later on a skilled harpsichordist could give a less mechanical performance that would be integrated into the finished recording…. More

The continuo realisation can be found here. If you would like to get involved please contact Al via the thread.

NB Franz Asplmayr, 1726-86, was an Austrian composer and violinist, best known for an opera on Greek myths.