How to Create a Sortable List of Works

P.davydov is IMSLP’s head librarian.  That means that he is in charge keeping everything on IMSLP standardized.  In addition, he is known for creating complete catalogs of composer’s works called ‘sortable lists’.  A sortable list of works is a chronological list of compositions by a certain composer that can be sorted by key, date, forces (instrumentation), and title.  About one year ago I asked Mr. Davydov how he created such splendid lists, like that of Tchaikovsky, and he politely answered my inquiry.  Without further delay, here is the method in his own words:

“1). I get them into Excel first, to get the formatting and sorting right.

2). Then I import that into Microsoft Front Page, which converts them to HTML

3). Then I usually cross-check that list with another source, to check the detail.

4). Then I copy the HTML code into a text editor to do a search and replace for the Wiki markup

5). then I copy that into the Wiki worklist, and tidy it up a bit.”

He finished the conversation by saying was “Simple really”.  But when you have thousands of works to sort through, it is only simple for our great librarian master, P.davydov.  I hope his words of wisdom help anyone in the future who wishes to complete a sortable list: us morals really can do it with a measure of hard work, a pinch of luck, and a dash of love.