Fictional 100: A Review!


Finally the gap between fiction and music has been filled! How have fictional characters who emerged from an author’s imagination impacted the musical world? You can now find out by reading The Fictional 100, written by the brilliant author Lucy Gott. This book not only outlines the top 100 characters who have most influenced world literature, but also ranks them according to their significance in music and pop culture. For example, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare has undoubtedly impacted the musical world: think of the numerous ballets, operas, and film music that has been composed as a result of this character! Although he has never walked the earth, he certainly strides through our lives.

After months of reading this page turning book, it my absolute pleasure to write this review and recommend the book to anyone interested in pop culture, music, art, history, literature, or just wanting to enjoy a nice summer read.

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