BBC Radio 3 Message Boards – Closed

Closure of BBC Message Boards

For about ten years there’s been a flourishing internet forum attached to BBC Radio 3 – Britain’s premier classical music radio station. Suddenly, a few days ago, with little warning, no consultation, no appeals mechanism, the forum was closed. Here’s the official announcement:

BBC Radio 3 Message Boards closure

Former members have scattered across the internet, e.g. to The Radio 3 Forum, R3OK, TalkClassical, Brightcecilia.

It’s odd behaviour on the part of BBC management. Everyone knows Rupert Murdoch is circling the BBC, furious at the competition, ideologically opposed to state broadcasting, wishing to impose a Fox News type TV operation on Britain.

BBC Radio 3 is, arguably, the jewel in the crown of British broadcasting. It needs all the friends it can get.

Listeners attached to the Radio 3 Message Boards could be fractious – like any functional online community – and there were occasional hiccups with the moderation regime but, on the whole, they represented a vocal block of support for BBC Radio 3, the BBC Proms, and the BBC in general.

If you were a member of the BBC Radio 3 Message Boards don’t just disappear into the badlands of Facebook and Twitter. Check out the above forums. Keep in touch with former online friends (and enemies!) and help defend the glory that is BBC Radio 3.