A Greeting and Request for Comments

Hi everyone!  I’m Edward Guo, otherwise known as Feldmahler on the library wiki.  Since I’m the project leader and lead programmer for IMSLP, I will be blogging here about new IMSLP features and other project-related news.  I love comments of all sorts, so please feel free to praise and/or complain about IMSLP in the comments section of my posts!

But before I start blogging about IMSLP features, I’d like to extend an invitation to all of you to tell us any ideas you have about improving IMSLP.  I am perennially open to suggestions of all sorts, so fire away any time!  You can either post in the comments section of this blog post, or open a new thread in the “Feature Requests” section of the forums.  Particularly, IMSLP is looking for the following:

  • New features or feature improvements on any aspect of the wiki
  • Design ideas/mockups to account for new features and improve the overall feel of the site, especially for the more prominent pages (e.g. the main page), or the templates used on the work pages (e.g. for the file entries themselves).  The focus here I think is twofold: simplicity and intuitiveness.  Mediawiki-style is markup preferred but not necessary.
  • A new (and simpler) logo!

But even if your idea does not fall into one of these categories please do feel free to post it!  These categories are just intended as starting points for thinking about improving IMSLP.

And as some contributors already know, I adopt a “try it out” stance to pretty much any idea that a contributor comes up with, unless there is a clear reason otherwise (in which case one of the IMSLP administrators will tell you).  You are encouraged to tell us about your ideas, and also greatly encouraged to try the idea out yourself.  There are only two exceptions to this rule: (1) if you are very new to IMSLP, and (2) if the change is a hard to reverse or very big change, in which case you should discuss the change with us on the forums before going ahead with it.

Remember: IMSLP is not a website; it is a community of music lovers.  IMSLP needs you to make it a wonderful and lasting resource!

6 thoughts on “A Greeting and Request for Comments

  1. Hi

    My dream for ISMLP would be some sort of OCR or similar process to convert scores, making them available as MusicXML data or some sort of similar sequencer / software friendly / analysis friendly dataset.

    Perhaps this is something that i should be looking for elsewhere (I don’t own a commercial notation package, partly because I don’t read music very well, but I have been using MIDI sequencers & writing & recording music for nearly 20 years) & I am aware some of these packages come with some sort of OCR / import capability – no doubt with variable levels of success depending on the quality & nature of the input documents.

    But as I view ISMLP as an exemplary shining light in the democratisation & enhancement of accessibility to the wealth of historical “art” music, to me this would be the logical next step.

    Thank you for your wonderful website, which none the less remains an invaluable & frequent resource for me.

    best regards

    Tim – Adelaide, Australia

  2. @Tim: We are working on this with several organizations actually. However, the technological and logistical challenges can be described as “epic,” so it probably will not be implemented for a while.

    @Alex: IMSLP currently does not have the bandwidth to do this, sorry.

    1. feldmahler, could you tell us a bit more about these collaborations? What are some use cases are you targeting? I’m working on a large scale OMR project myself, so maybe I could help…

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